May John Sonmez – How To Market Yourself As A Software Developer

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Scott Hanselman. Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual is a unique guide, offering techniques and practices for a more satisfying life as a professional software developer. In it, developer and life coach John Sonmez addresses a wide range of important "soft" topics, from career and productivity to personal finance.

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John Sonmez – How to Market Yourself as a Software Developer. Your development stack is cutting edge—for 1999.

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Your boss is only “agile” when he’s dodging questions about that raise he promised.

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John Sonmez. John Sonmez is a life coach for software developers, and helps software engineers, programmers, and other technical professionals boost their careers and live a more fulfilled life. He empowers them to accomplish their goals by making the complex simple. John is also the founder of Simple Programmer .

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How to Market Yourself as a Software Developer is a systematic way to build up your reputation, authority and goodwill. By always looking to give enormous value before you ask for anything in return. When you do this consistently, you’ll find that you’re no longer struggling to chase opportunities.

5 Courses to Learn Jenkins and CI/CD in 2019 – I am a big fan of the teaching style of instructor John Sonmez as he has.

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