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Just how hard is it to be happy? In the effervescent new comedy from writer/director Mike Leigh, Sally Hawkins stars as Poppy, an irrepressibly free-spirited school teacher who brings an.

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Zbooks Dives Deep with Mike Shreeve: facebook ads, Isaac Asimov and being successful as an Author.

this book is free on Kindle Unlimited,” and then they go download it for free. There’s a couple of advantages to that.

which is basically like, “Don’t write happy-go-lucky stories. The characters that you create, you have to love.

Mike Shreeve is a man of many talents. He went from fighting wildfires to writing fiction to copywriting. But the consistent thread throughout his career is independence.

You could be a happy writer with a portfolio of homemade ads to get you started. How about a business consultant? So many businesses need help with all sorts of problems.

For example, you could create a piece of content such as a checklist, template, case study, video training, etc., and then include a call to action for them to download that.

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